Martial arts classes in Fairport, NY. Teaching traditional martial arts, self defense and life skills through our karate & jujutsu classes.
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This is the way I would have like to have learned martial arts from the beginning.
Aric Keyes Sensei
Not just about the physical techniques, but the mental understanding of what a person needs to have when defending themselves.
Mike Ierlan, Fairport Teacher
I feel so fortunate that you are teaching our kids! I am continually impressed with you and your dojo!
Annette D.
I was blown away by how much knowledge and skill they were able to share with the students
Staci Bufano, Fairport Teacher

We offer two separate martial arts programs at our Fairport location, serving the Rochester area!
Choose between karate, jujutsu or do both!  Each class has a different feel.  Choose your program and click on the link below.

Kids Karate classes in Fairport, NY. Age appropriate martial arts, self defense and anti-bully skills! Kids have fun, stay active and learn incredible skills that stay with them like focus, respect & confidence! Ages 4 and up!Learn more about karate for kids
Adult Karate students improve fitness & coordination while learning some incredilble skills! Traditional martial arts training influenced by modern training concepts. Our adult karate program is an incredibly well rounded program that produces incredible self defense skills!Learn more about karate
Our adult jujutsu class in Fairport focuses on controlling your attacker and defending yourself on the ground. Use leverage and positioning to successfully control a larger opponent! A killer workout that will get you in great shape!Learn more about jujutsu

Martial Arts Classes
That Make a Difference!

  • Increased Focus and Concentration.
  • Improved Health and Fitness.
  • Practical Self Defense & Anti Bully Skills.
  • Increased Confidence and Self Respect.
  • Improved Grades and Work Ethic.
  • Learned Courtesy and Respect for Others.

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The best way to find out how awesome our classes are is to try them.
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The Three Mindsets of Kata

There are three general mindsets with regards to kata:
#1. The “Traditionalist’s” perspective: Kata must NEVER be changed!

#2. The JKD/MMA mentality:  A classical mess/worthless practice

#3. The “Revisionist’s” position: A contemporary reinterpretation of […]

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