Training opportunity for Fairport students only!

Get started now training in one of our programs and the benefits will last a lifetime!

We are offering a special 2 week trial program just for participants of our self defense unit in Fairport! Practice and refine the skills that you learned and a lot more! Classes are fun, exciting and work on a lot more than just self defense including improving fitness, flexibility and coordination. Bring your friends, have fun, get fit, improve grades and learn those important self defense techniques and concepts to improve your confidence!

Improve and add to all areas of self defense that we covered!

No one has the right to touch you or to hurt you!
You absolutely have the right to defend yourself!
Know what it is you fight for!
Never give up on yourself!
Get away, run away, right away!
Remember, your self defense skills come last!
Be smart about the things you do!

Start with a 2 week trial and train for only $15!

Enter promo code “FAIRPORT” during the check out process.


Or call 223-2870 to register!

Learn important skills and have fun at the same time!

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Johanna Perrin 2016

Martha Brown 2016 – posting soon!

Girls Only Self Defense Class!

We are rearranging our summer schedule to offer a girls only self defense class! If you are interested in joining our self defense class please CONTACT US for more information.

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