These six karatekas were promoted to black belt on April, 28th 2018 at Kime Karate in Fairport, NY by Sensei Aric Keyes after an almost three-month testing cycle.

Earning a Black Belt is no easy feat, nor should it be! It takes years of dedicated practice and effort to achieve that level of proficiency and knowledge. It’s a long journey where the journey itself is the reward, not the destination. This journey is an impossible one to undertake alone, you need instructors & training partners not to mention the support from friends & family!

We have an amazing team here at Kime Karate that supports and encourages one another on our individual journeys towards black belt excellence. These six individuals are all dedicated members of the Kime Karate team that are all recognized by their fellow students as earning the right to wear a black belt.

Sensei Keyes watching students during their black belt promotion.

Sensei Keyes watching students perform during their Black Belt promotion.

We all have our own obstacles to overcome during training, as we do in life. Through the process of training in martial arts on our journey to black belt and beyond; we learn skills like perseverance, commitment, fortitude as well as the value of hard work to reach our goals. Students learn to work together, helping each other improve as we all benefit from each others success. These life skills stick with us and affect every aspect of our lives. Through martial arts training at Kime Karate, the lives of our students and their families can be improved.

We couldn’t be more proud of these students, having persevered to reach this goal and attain their black belts. What they have achieved for themselves, benefits everyone around them.

Already role models and instructors here at Kime Karate as well as leaders in their communities outside of the dojo. We look forward to seeing what they achieve next as black belt leaders!