Girls Self Defense Class in Fairport

Learn important skills and have fun at the same time!

We are holding a Girls ONLY Self Defense class in Fairport this summer!

Classes will be held every Wednesday at 5:45 PM through out the summer!


This would be a great class for middle school girls up through adults! Train some great skills and concepts that will empower you with confidence and help keep you safer! This is a must for college age girls!

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If you are interested in joining our self defense class you can call 223-2870 or fill out the form to the right.

Train smart, stay safe!

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    Our Program is Taught in local schools

    Sensei Keyes developed our formal self defense curriculum to teach kids self defense in our local school districts. The only self defense instructor in the area to teach a program in our school districts as part of that school’s curriculum. Other martial arts schools and instructors are turned away while he is invited into our local school’s because of the powerful positive impact this program has! If you are looking for a positive self defense learning experience, you’ve got to come train in this class!