Little Kids Karate Classes in Fairport

Focus for School – Focus for Life!

Our martial arts program will teach your kids important life skills that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Parent’s Love Our Classes

These are interactive classes with your kids where they get a one to one training experience through our coaching program. We don’t just punch and kick the air in this program, your child will be engaged and get a great feel for how to actually defend themselves and use what we teach. Through our practice kids learn some incredible things like how to focus and listen to teachers and their parents. They learn self confidence that is incredibly important to stand up to bullying behavior and body awareness and coordination, all of which will help them through-out the rest of their lives in any activity.

Dragons Program at Kime Karate

Focus :: Courtesy :: Self Control :: Respect :: Confidence
Practical, Age Appropriate Self Defense :: Anti Bully Skills

Your Child Will Be Successful

Our professional, caring instructors will work with you and your child so they can receive the maximum benefit from our classes. Can you imagine what your child will be like with more focus? So many parents have told me that their child is a different person since starting their training here at Kime Karate!

Children are more focused, listen better and their grades have improved, that is what I call a success! Healthy kids have energy to do more, have more self confidence and grow into healthy adults. To get your child started today, give us a call and ask about our FREE trial program!

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High quality martial arts training at an affordable price!

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The best way to see if this program is right for you and your family is to try a class.

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Why wait? Get started now at the best martial arts school in the area and the only karate school in the village Fairport! Our state of the art facility is family friendly and the safest in the industry.  With classes that are so good, you have to see them to believe!

Special family memberships & discounts for military & law enforcement.

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  • 2 Week Program

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