Annette – Parent of student
I can’t thank you enough for your class activities on Tuesday.  I was so very happy to hear that you focused on how to stand strong, react to bullies, etc. in class.  It really means a LOT to Dave and me!!  I feel so fortunate that you are teaching our kids.  I am continually impressed with you and your dojo!!

Matt M. – Fairport School Self Defense participant
“I liked having self-defense as a unit in PE class. It was nice to know you are learning a skill that could save your life. Self-defense was an activity that I looked forward to doing all day.”

Hannah G. – Fairport School Self Defense participant
“I thought this was a great unit and an enlightening experience. This should be taught everywhere because it’s a survival skill that could indefinitely help lower the number of females and males victimized each year. I hope to be safer in life because of this unit.”

Coach Ierlan – Boys PE teacher
“Sensei Keyes passion for the safety of young people is top of the line. His self-defense philosophy is not just about the physical techniques, but it is the mental understanding of what a person needs to have when defending themselves. It was an honor to have him instruct, inform, and educate the MBMS PE classes in self-defense.”

Molly McCarthy – Girls PE teacher
“Many of my students at the end of the self-defense unit said this was the most meaningful unit they have ever taken in physical education.”

Tim P.  Walworth, NY: Student & Parent of Students
“Sensei Keyes has incredible patience with the kids and teaches them well even when they get a little wild. My kids are learning a lot and are much more comfortable with the classes, their fellow-students, and themselves since we joined the school. Myself, I have learned a ton, even though I already had my black belt. I feel my moves and body control are significantly better. And the style is less high-impact, so I hurt a lot less after class. The jujitsu classes are a blast. I never thought I’d enjoy that as much as I do.”

Cassie M. Fairport, NY: Parent of Student
“From a parent standpoint I LOVE IT!!!!! there are so many good things to say about the school. the juniors program is great!! the kids learn from each other so much instead of just repetition from the instructor.”

Jason S. Fairport, NY:  Yudansha Menkyo
Sensei Aric is a very kind and friendly man. He will wave you right in if you are looking in and just talk to you, no matter what he has going on, and whether you have been training martial arts for many years or are looking to start now, or for a place for your children, there will be something that draws you into the dojo. (school.) Once you come in for one class, if it’s your first experience in karate, or you are past punching and kicking and well on your way to winning the everlasting battle within, you will want to come back. Not that I’m really anyone to speak of, except that I’ve been to a bunch of schools of many disciplines, and I decided my second class to sign up! I have 16 years experience this summer with karate-do, and I usually ask the school owner to allow me to take a week of advanced classes before I commit to anything. Its fun, there are classes for all ages, and if you like Karate you will like this place, and Sensei Aric, the other instructors as well as his students! Come in, check it out! What else can you just come in and do for free at will, right? Nothing to lose! I promise that if you come to 1, 30 minute class that Sensei Aric instructs, even if you decide it isn’t for you, you will without any doubt leave better off in some way than when you walked in.  Osu.

Debbie S. Fairport, NY: Student
“I have been going to the martial fit classes at Kime Karate since May of 2009. I have never felt better. Sensei Keyes is very knowledgeable and a great motivator. I have taken many fitness classes over the years and this is the absolute best class I have ever taken. If I have to miss a class, I feel bad about it and that has never happened before 🙂 THANK YOU SENSEI KEYES !!”

Chandra F. Fairport, NY: Student
“I have lost 10 lbs since starting Martial Fit classes in May. When I started class, I had to wear a back brace to get through it….now I don’t need a brace and I have more strength than I have ever had. I actually look forward to class not just for the exercise but the people are so much fun and the instructor (Mr. Sensei)….well, he’s the best!! I highly recommend checking out any of the classes. I guarantee you will love it!!”

Stephen L. Fairport, NY: Student
“Awesome instructor, great facility. Each type of class offers a different set of skills to work on.”

Holly S. Fairport, NY: Student
“Loving my martial fit and kick boxing class. What a great instructor Sensei Keyes is. We are all loving it!!!!!”

Henry L. Fairport, NY: Student & Parent of Student
“I have tried to keep fit by exercising at home, but could never really stick to a program. I was always on and off, never really committing to it. I finally look forward to the workouts in class, finding it both fun and rewarding.”

Brenda G. Fairport, NY: Parent of Student
“It is clear that Sensei Keyes is an expert in the martial arts, but, even better for his students, (and their parents!) is his ability to impart his knowledge unto others!”

Colleen D. Fairport, NY: Student
“The Martial Fit class is AMAZING!! You actually leave feeling like you’ve worked and stretched all of your muscles! My chiropractor actually saw an improvement in my back and neck and suggested I continue this class to improve my muscle conditioning. I can’t believe I’ve actually found a fitness class I look forward to every week!”

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