Why Join the IRKRS?


The International Ryukyu Karate Research Society is an incredible group of martial artists lead by Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, 9th dan.  The IRKRS is perfect for anyone looking to add more meaning to their practice through a better historical understanding of karate culture and history. The IRKRS offers an incredibly deep insight into the cultural heritage and [...]

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The Three Mindsets of Kata


There are three general mindsets with regards to kata:   #1. The "Traditionalist's" perspective: Kata must NEVER be changed!   #2. The JKD/MMA mentality:  A classical mess/worthless practice [i.e. dysfunctional]   #3. The "Revisionist's" position: A contemporary reinterpretation of classic tradition   Karate is the Japanese art of protecting oneself with little more than [...]

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Traditional Martial Arts Practice

We practice traditional martial arts that are based on practical, age appropriate self defense skills that are functional and effective.

Join us for a class!

If you are at all interested in finding a class for you or a child, you have got to try a class! You can request a free class by clicking on one of the links below or by calling us at 223-2870.
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