Regardless of age, Focus is one of the most important things that anyone can learn and honestly, even as adults, we can all probably improve our focus. It’s a major part of what we teach and develop here at Kime Karate. We believe this so much that our name “Kime” is a Japanese word that is used to describe focus. If you think of how a magnifying glass focuses light into a single point, that’s it. “Kime” pronounced Key-May, is when everything comes together at the same time, at the same place. It’s one of the concepts that martial artists all over the world work to develop in their practice.

So why does focus matter?

An individuals ability to focus on a subject directly effects their ability to be successful in that subject. So with little focus, there is a small chance of success. This applies to kids at school, the information they are able to retain and coincidentally to the grades they are able to achieve. As adults our focus can effect our career, hobbies, sports and even our family life. With better focus, we achieve better results.

Focus is one of the most important lessons an individual can learn

When you are able to pay attention and focus for extended periods of time, your learning increases dramatically. The better the concentration and the longer the length of time you are able to maintain that focus, the quicker you will be able to learn.

That’s why at my school, “Focus is the most important part of martial arts.” Ask any of my students.

Our kids karate class in Fairport, NY teaches focus.

I start my younger students out with a very clear goal in mind, teaching them how to focus and how to learn. Along the way, they learn some really impressive things like courtesy, respect and having a positive attitude. Yes, please and thank you are an important part of our curriculum. When a student has these skills, it is possible to teach that student to perform their martial arts techniques at a high level. In fact teaching them anything becomes way easier, that’s why most of our students do incredibly well in school and parents of new students often notice an improvement in grades right away.

How we teach focus

With 30 years of martial arts experience and teaching kids these skills for a couple of decades, we have worked hard to develop a teaching system that gives consistent results of increasing a child’s focus and concentration. We eliminate distractions and create a mood that helps children learn. We then target each students learning ability mentally and physically to achieve the best results. Through a child’s creative use of their imagination, they take the building blocks of the education we provide and are then able to create and make the skills their own. All the right things to make sure that your child will be successful.

Imagine a child who looks at you when you talk to them, who says “please” and “thank you” and does these things because they believe they are important. A child who listens to you and their teachers, this is a child who has focus. This is a child who is ready and able to learn. Armed with these skills, these kids are prepared to be successful in any activity they set their mind to.

The part that I love as an adult student myself, is that the same is true for our adult martial artist students as well. I have had so many adults who recognize this difference in themselves and have commented on it. This has lead to improved focus and concentration at work and therefor increased productivity. And yes, I’ve noticed it in myself.

Try a Class

If you are looking to improve focus & concentration for a child or perhaps productivity for yourself,  come try a class at our Fairport, NY location. Let’s work together to improve your kids focus in Fairport! CLICK HERE to receive a FREE trial class here at Kime Karate.