Kime Karate recently completed a fundraising event for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in which students raised $2,469.85!  The hospital staff was very pleased at the amount we were able to raise and the timeliness in which we were able to complete the event.  The money we raised will go towards various treatments and tests which will help children in need.

Kime Karate is a wonderful community school where students are encouraged to participate in community service and charity events as part of their ongoing training.  Martial arts is more than physical conditioning, it can effect every part of our lives in extremely powerful ways.  We believe that martial arts training should positively affect not only those training, but those around them as well.

Helping our community and giving back through various community events and charities is a great way our students learn that they can make a difference.  When we all pull together to help one another, we all benefit.  Volunteering and donating is a great way have a positive impact on our community.  Not to mention it is a great feeling to know that something you have done will benefit someone else.

We are the community martial arts school and we believe in working towards the betterment of the people around us.  Improving the community, one black belt at a time.