Fairport Canal Days is one of the best festivals in Rochester to attend.  Fairport has an atmosphere that is filled with nostalgia, history and a friendly small town feeling.  When you close off main street, add food, local artisan and tons of people you have a festival unlike any other and one that shouldn’t be missed!

This years festival was a lot of fun, the weather was intermittent but it never rained for long.  Many people braved the weather and stopping by our booth to talk about our different martial arts programs, self defense,  fitness programs or to get their picture taken with our dragon.  Check out some of our pictures in our gallery here and also on Facebook.

Having been involved with martial arts in the area for 25 years, you get to meet and know a lot of people.  Fairport Canal Days is a great chance to see friends you haven’t seen in a long time.  It’s always nice catch up with old friends, make new ones and to talk with people about the different types of things we do.

Along with everyone who was interested in getting started, there were a lot of people from other schools stopping by.   People get curious about what we do because we are a lot different from the other schools around.  We get a lot of students who transfer from other schools and start training with us because of the way we teach martial arts and the way we run our business. As our banner said, “Why pay more, for less?”.  Thanks to word of mouth, the word is really getting out that Kime Karate is the place to go if you want world class training at an affordable price.