Best Martial Arts Teachers in Rochester!


Kime Karate in Fairport NY voted among best martial arts instructors in Rochester, NY by The top 15 instructors and schools were chosen based on reputation, credibility, experience, availability and professionalism. Chosen from 60 schools in the Greater Rochester area, Sensei Keyes and Kime Karate are proud to be recognized as one of the [...]

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Jujutsu is not about being bigger or stronger


This is Katie, she's awesome. She's been training in our AKJJ - jujutsu classes now for several months and she's getting good at it. She also has cerebral palsy and two steel rods in her back. For all the guys that have told me that class is too hard and that they feel they need [...]

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Seminar in New Paltz


Sensei Keyes was invited to teach a series of seminars at Fighting Spirit Karate Studio in New Paltz, NY.  He taught three separate seminars, two on striking, take downs and ground control and a kobudo seminar introducing the school to the Yamane Ryu kobudo system under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy. Adult Seminar [...]

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Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu Seminar


From back to front: Mike Joseph, Hanna James, Brian Moore, Robert Del Ross, Nick McGrath, Henry Larson, Mike Nolan, Tyler Nolan, Thomas Crossan, Erik Angerhofer, Paul Lopresti, Aric Keyes, Cory Barriault, AKJJ - Aiki Kenpo Jujustu It's great training here at Kime Karate with internationally recognized instructors like [...]

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How to pick a martial arts school


I have heard from so many parents as well as adult students that training at my school has helped with focus, concentration, learning and job performance. Improved health, fitness and weight loss. I know it works and have personally seen dramatic changes in many students over the last couple decades of teaching martial arts. Personally, [...]

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AKJJ Seminar with Paul Lopresti


We had a great training seminar with Paul Lopresti! Renshi Lopresti is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable instructor with over 40 years of martial arts experience. If you don't already know what Aiki Kempo Jujutsu is.. it is the use of throws, take downs, ground control and joint locks (among other things) to control an [...]

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Traditional Martial Arts Practice

We practice traditional martial arts that are based on practical, age appropriate self defense skills that are functional and effective.

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If you are at all interested in finding a class for you or a child, you have got to try a class! You can request a free class by clicking on one of the links below or by calling us at 223-2870.
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