It doesn’t matter if you took first or last, won or lost.  Your attitude determines what you take away from the experience.  A winning attitude will always look for the good in all things and how to make the best of the experience.  Much is learned from not winning if you look honestly at your effort.  Set ego aside and the opportunities to improve are everywhere.  Through competition we look to test our skills and improve, but the real competition should only be with ourselves and not the competitors around us.

Always learn from your experiences and look for ways to improve.  When you can learn from your experiences, whether the experience is good or bad doesn’t matter, you can take away something positive from every experience.  To me, that makes you a champion in a way that truly matters.

Competition was tough!

Our in school kata tournament was an incredible experience and learning opportunity for those involved! I was very pleased to see how serious everyone took the event and most importantly the attitudes displayed throughout the competition. Before the tournament, everyone was practicing extra, planning to do their best and yet supported and encouraged one another.

During the tournament, everyone continued to show support for every competitor and applauded every performance. Competition was tough with very close scores deciding the winners!

Two big winners to take home trophies were Mr. Griffin and his son Sam. Each received trophies in three different categories.  Mr. Griffin had a very humble response to winning a trophy.  He felt bad and thought all the other competitors did so well that they deserved to take it home.

A tough part of winning a competition can indeed be feeling bad for your fellow competitors when you truly care about everyone involved and have a humble attitude!