Every year, Sensei Keyes teaches a two week self defense unit in the Martha Brown Middle school in Fairport. The program is designed to get kids thinking about their own well-being and empower them to stand up for themselves as well as make them aware of some of the dangers that they may be exposed to and make better choices when dealing with those situations.

It is our hope that they are never put in a situation where they have to defend themselves, but want to prepare them in the eventuality that they may have to. Unfortunately the statistics on violence are pretty scary, and the truth is that everyone really should learn to stand up for themselves and defend themselves. By the way, this does not just mean against physical violence!

The way we teach self defense is truly a great life skill, one that empowers individuals to become their best and gives them strength in every aspect of their lives. Throughout our program, students learn some incredible life lessons and self defense skills that are effective and practical.  Someone who trains consistently will reap the most reward and through the multiple times teaching at Martha Brown, that is amazingly evident.

On day one, 90% of the students had a very limited idea and recollection of the material from the previous year, although they remember being able to defend themselves and enjoying learning self defense.  This means about 10% of the students remembered what was taught the year before.  However, for those students that had taken the required course the previous year the material quickly came back and they were able to remember and perform the self defense skills to about a 80% rate of success on day two!

So what does this mean..
It simply means that those students that get more practice perform better. This isn’t a new concept by any means, but it is very exciting to witness kids improving with skills that may actually save someones life someday! And the more kids are exposed to these skills the better!

We heard some scary stories from 6th, 7th and 8th graders like being grabbed by a stranger, assaulted and physically injured and being asked to get into cars at the local mall by people they had never seen before. Yes, these were kids in Fairport.

Empowering Youth in Fairport

Our philosophy is simple, when our students are presented with a physical encounter we want them to be able to get out of that situation as quickly and easily as possible. We teach simple, effective techniques and strategies for them to do so. There is not much difference from what we teach in the local schools and here at Kime Karate, except our martial arts students here get more practice and are way better at defending themselves because of it.

Our programs seem to be a lot different than many of the martial arts schools in the Rochester area. We focus on functional self defense skills and building strong students from the inside out. For more information about our programs and if they might be the right choice for you and your family, give us a call at 223-2870.