The teachers in the Fairport schools recognize the value of what we are teaching.  Many teachers that send their kids here for classes and we now go to the schools to teach.  We are actually in Martha Brown a couple times each year teaching important life lessons, these lessons such as self respect, confidence, making healthy choices along with self defense skills are vitally important for children to receive.

What we teach for self defense goes way beyond what people typically expect from self defense instruction. Our self defense program goes well beyond just the fighting part and we cover the mental and emotional aspects as well as the physical.  We actually discuss important life lessons for participants to learn that benefit them outside of a self defense situation, in their everyday lives.

“Everyone can and should learn to successfully defend themselves.” says Sensei Keyes. When teaching self defense, these skills can also easily be applied to over-come bullying, which is a constant problem within our local schools.  It’s hard to talk about sometimes, but every kid we asked has seen it or been a victim of it.  It’s not a question of ‘will’ you need to defend yourself it’s ‘When’. These days everyone is going to have to defend themselves on some level at some point. Whether it’s a violent situation or bullying in school or in the work place.  Everyone should be able to stand up for themselves and defend themselves.

During our self defense units we hear stories from young boys and girls that have already been exposed to dangerous situations.  We hear these stories from kids every time we teach self defense, no matter where we go and Fairport was no exception.  There are some scary things that our kids are exposed to right here in Fairport.  It’s important to realize that these are skills kids need to learn.

Although the statistics are scary, we focus on and reinforce the positive characteristics that we want our kids to have that will enable them to defend themselves successfully. Sensei Keyes’ ability to focus on and incorporate positive, healthy life choices with extremely effective self defense techniques has made him the top self defense instructor in the Rochester area.

We received incredible feedback from teachers and students alike from this self defense unit.  “What you have done for our kids is more than you may know.” says Coach McCarthy, a PE teacher at Martha Brown.  Other teachers commented about how excited the kids were after each class and that we really made a huge impact in a short amount of time.

To learn more about how we teach self defense, check out our self defense page or contact us for more information, to set up a meeting and your first lesson.