Self-Discipline is important for martial arts as well as life. It is a big part of what we teach here at Kime Karate because students who learn to discipline themselves excel at anything they set their minds to. When we teach our kids self discipline, they become productive and successful members of society and they stay out of trouble. Adults with self discipline can accomplish big things.

In our martial arts programs, we learn to discipline ourselves both mentally and physically. Those things you thought were impossible for you to do, become something you can do. When you look at our upper belts, they are amazing. They can do things that honesty look like things you might see in a well choreographed movie. Except these are spontaneous reactions to an attack, not choreographed! In other words, they can actually use what they are being taught because it works! The only way to get that good is with self discipline. So if you want to learn to start doing what others may think impossible, start training.