Sensei Keyes has for the past several years taught a self defense program in the Victor Central School district. Through his knowledge of self defense and working with the teachers the program in the Victor school system is the best in the country. In fact, Sensei Keyes is the only instructor in the country to teach a self defense program in the schools to both boys and girls. “Self defense is an important life skill that everyone should learn.” says Sensei Keyes. “Having graduated from Victor myself, it’s been a great experience returning to Victor and be able to give back by teaching some incredibly important skills, it’s very rewarding!”

Sensei Keyes first taught self defense in Victor about ten years ago, when he returned to the United States to resume teaching martial arts, the teachers at Victor once again contacted him to teach a self defense unit as required curriculum within the school. We have put together a really amazing self defense unit here in Victor that we have been running for a few years now and each year it gets better. The teachers in the Victor schools are true professionals, they are excited about teaching this unit and understand the importance of what we are teaching.

To learn more about how we teach self defense, check out our self defense page or contact us for more information, to set up a meeting and your first lesson.