Sensei Keyes is interviewed by the Democrat And Chronicle.

“My goal as an instructor is to lead people and not necessarily tell them what to do at every instance,” added Keyes. “You want people to ask questions and learn from others.”

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“There are so many reasons why parents should consider karate for their child,” said Anderson, a Henrietta resident. “In addition to teaching practical self-defense skills, sensei Keyes emphasizes physical fitness. He also reinforces long-held values such as respect and hard work and focuses on monthly topics that encourage his students to do their best.”

After a long conversation I am very happy and impressed with the resulting article!  There was a lot left out including my talking about my instructor Hanshi Patrick McCarthy and the “old school” martial arts training based on functional application practices that we do.  But  unfortunately you can’t always fit in everything.  After all, there is only so much room in the newspaper and I could write a book talking about this stuff!

A great interview and I think the teenage mutant turtles are awesome, but to set the record straight, it was actually ninja’s and Batman that were my main inspiration 😉