Fairport Students Learn Self Defense Skills


For the last few weeks the girls of the Martha Brown middle school in Fairport have been learning about and training their self defense skills. The physical education unit is part of the curriculum for the school and taught annually. The girls two week long unit just finished and the boys went through the unit [...]

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Empowering Youth


Every year, Sensei Keyes teaches a two week self defense unit in the Martha Brown Middle school in Fairport. The program is designed to get kids thinking about their own well-being and empower them to stand up for themselves as well as make them aware of some of the dangers that they may be exposed to and [...]

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Fairport & Victor Newspaper Articles


The Fairport- East Rochester Post and the Victor Post published an article about Kime Karate and Sensei Keyes! In the article Sensei Keyes discusses his basic philosophy on Karate and shares some of his past. It is great to see Sensei Keyes and Kime Karate getting support and local recognition. This is in part due [...]

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Fairport Canal Days 2012


Fairport Canal Days is one of the best festivals in Rochester to attend.  Fairport has an atmosphere that is filled with nostalgia, history and a friendly small town feeling.  When you close off main street, add food, local artisan and tons of people you have a festival unlike any other and one that shouldn't be [...]

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Fairport Self Defense Unit


The teachers in the Fairport schools recognize the value of what we are teaching.  Many teachers that send their kids here for classes and we now go to the schools to teach.  We are actually in Martha Brown a couple times each year teaching important life lessons, these lessons such as self respect, confidence, making [...]

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Fairport Karate Club


The Fairport Karate club was an amazing experience!  We had a ton of sign ups, which exceeded everyone's expectations! From the very first day, we worked on introducing karate club members to martial arts techniques as well as important life skills such as focus, courtesy & respect which we always incorporate into our lessons. The result [...]

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Traditional Martial Arts Practice

We practice traditional martial arts that are based on practical, age appropriate self defense skills that are functional and effective.

Join us for a class!

If you are at all interested in finding a class for you or a child, you have got to try a class! You can request a free class by clicking on one of the links below or by calling us at 223-2870.
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