Martial Arts & Yoga – The Perfect Compliment


Several years ago, specifically during training, I noticed that I was having terrible spasms throughout my upper and lower back.  Knowing I had a family history of Rheumatoid arthritis and specifically Ankylosing spondylitis, I made arrangements to see my family doctor.  This disease is thought to be auto-immune, so I could only hope there [...]

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How to pick a martial arts school


I have heard from so many parents as well as adult students that training at my school has helped with focus, concentration, learning and job performance. Improved health, fitness and weight loss. I know it works and have personally seen dramatic changes in many students over the last couple decades of teaching martial arts. Personally, [...]

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Martial Arts Training Improves Academic Performance


There is a distinct connection between exercise, learning martial arts and academic performance that is backed by scientific research. And if you know the way I teach martial arts, I don't do anything without a good reason. There are specific drills that I do in classes that are martial arts specific and are designed to directly effect and enhance this [...]

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AKJJ Seminar with Paul Lopresti


We had a great training seminar with Paul Lopresti! Renshi Lopresti is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable instructor with over 40 years of martial arts experience. If you don't already know what Aiki Kempo Jujutsu is.. it is the use of throws, take downs, ground control and joint locks (among other things) to control an [...]

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Always Learn From Your Experiences


It doesn't matter if you took first or last, won or lost.  Your attitude determines what you take away from the experience.  A winning attitude will always look for the good in all things and how to make the best of the experience.  Much is learned from not winning if you look honestly at your effort.  Set ego [...]

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Strength – Developed Here


It is such an important concept to develop within individuals of any age. The idea of a well rounded person and developing strong minds, strong bodies and a strong spirit. True strength comes from within. Too often we think of strength as only physical. It is strength of character that enables us to not agree [...]

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Sensei Keyes Leads Students


Sensei Keyes is interviewed by the Democrat And Chronicle. “My goal as an instructor is to lead people and not necessarily tell them what to do at every instance,” added Keyes. “You want people to ask questions and learn from others.” CLICK HERE to read the full article! “There are so many reasons why parents should [...]

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Kata Workshop with World Champion Katie Murphy


Multiple time World Champion Katie Murphy teaches a tournament kata workshop at Kime Karate.  She started with some great warm ups that she uses to get her body ready just before a competition and then some drills that help strengthen her body to be able to perform the many difficult feats of strength, endurance and [...]

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Fundraising Kata Tournament


If you missed our St Jude Kata tournament Saturday December 15th you missed an excellent show! Our students displayed great courage, our theme of the month this December, in performing their Kata in front of their friends, family and teachers at the Tournament! These students also did an excellent job of raising money for St. [...]

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Traditional Martial Arts Practice

We practice traditional martial arts that are based on practical, age appropriate self defense skills that are functional and effective.

Join us for a class!

If you are at all interested in finding a class for you or a child, you have got to try a class! You can request a free class by clicking on one of the links below or by calling us at 223-2870.
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